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Whatsapp stalker nabbed, accused of sending obscene messages to over 1500 women

| Updated: Jul 06, 2016 22:57 IST

New Delhi, July 6 (ANI): Delhi Police have arrested a 31-year-old man for allegedly sending obscene Whatsapp messages to over 1500 women across the national capital. The accused, Mohammed Khalid, used to send inappropriate messages using SMS service or Whatsapp. According to police sources, Kahlid used several mobile phones to sent messages, police claim that the phones have been recovered. The cops had initiated action against him after a large number of complaints were reportedly lodged against him on various helplines. When subjected to interrogation, he told police that he would call a random number to see if is picked by a female. If so, he would save the number and see the profile of that person on Whatsapp. Police said, Khalid then used to send obscene messages and clips, and had also threatened the girls that he would put their mobile numbers and pictures on Facebook. Most of the girls did not bother to report the issue, while some did threaten Khalid that they would complain. He was least bothered as he was confident that he wouldn't be caught as he was using fake IDs to procure Sim cards, said police sources. Police has lodged case against him under Sections 354 A/506/509/420/468/471 & IT act 67/67 A Act of the IPC. Furthermore, Police has also said that Khalid had inferiority complex due to his short height. He was also frustrated by girls rejecting his advances and resorted to stalking them over Whatsapp. (ANI)