Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy (File photo)
Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy (File photo)

Why sudden concern over Puducherry? asks CM V Narayanasamy after PM Modi's poll barb

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2020 18:16 IST

Puducherry [India], December 28 (ANI): Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy on Monday lashed out at the recent jibe by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who accused the Congress government of not allowing local body polls in the Union Territory.
Speaking at the 136th foundation of the Congress party, Narayanasamy said: "In Kashmir, the candidates in the local elections were imprisoned. Is this democracy? The Prime Minister encourages the Deputy Governor to paralyse the state. The Prime Minister does not deserve to talk about democracy. One and a half crore farmers are struggling. He did not go and see them. Does it seem to the Prime Minister that local elections have not been held in Puducherry?"
Narayanasamy said the deputy governor was the only obstacle when the Congress government took steps to hold local elections.

"Forgetting the problem of the farmers, there is concern over the local elections in Kashmir. Why the sudden concern over Puducherry when there are so many problems in the country? The Prime Minister has appointed only those who are not qualified," he added.
On Saturday, the Prime Minister said that the Panchayat and municipal elections in Puducherry did not take place despite Supreme Court's order.
"Despite the Supreme Court's order in Puducherry, Panchayat and municipal elections have not taken place. Those who teach me democracy every day, it is their party which is in power there. You will be surprised the Supreme Court has given this order in 2018. But the government there, which does not have any faith in democracy, is constantly avoiding the matter," he said.
"After decades of waiting, the local body polls were held in Puducherry in 2006. The term of the people who were elected in this election ended in 2011. It also shows the big difference between the words and actions of some political parties, and how serious they are towards democracy. It has been so many years, Panchayat elections are not being allowed in Puducherry," he added. (ANI)