File photo of doctors' protest on NMC Bill
File photo of doctors' protest on NMC Bill

Won't let AIIMS become another JNU: Resident Doctors' Association

Priyanka Sharma | Updated: Aug 05, 2019 18:56 IST

By Priyanka Sharma
New Delhi [India], Aug 05 (ANI): After calling off their strike against the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill 2019, the Resident Doctors' Association (RDA) of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Monday stated that it will not let the premier medical institute turn into a "political arena" like Jawaharlal Nehru University.
The RDA-AIIMS had called off the agitation after the government resolved apprehensions regarding certain provisions of the Bill.
Even though they have resumed medical duties and called off the strike, there is a group of doctors and students at AIIMS who are still protesting and raising objections against the NMC bill.
"There are some anti-social elements in the institute who are trying to disturb the working environment inside the campus. Now, the government has explained to us that the NMC bill is in the interest of doctors, medical students, patients and 130 crore Indians, then why should we protest unnecessarily. We are doctors who serve patients to save their life," Dr Rajeev Ranjan, General Secretary, RDA-AIIMS, told ANI.
A group of doctors, holding torches in their hands, held a protest march on Sunday night against the NMC bill. They also marched on Monday, raising slogans of 'Azadi from NMC Bill' among others.
"The Health Minister has assured that they will include representatives of RDA and students unions. AIIMS (New Delhi) will be consulted before framing regulations of the NMC bill vide section 57 of the Bill. This is a victory of the entire medical fraternity," he added.
"Till the time we are here at AIIMS, we will not let the institute to change into a political arena like JNU," Dr Ranjan asserted.
There have been rumours that current RDA- AIIMS is going to be dissolved after a group of doctors in the RDA had a conflict of interest over the NMC bill.
Dispelling these rumours, Dr Ranjan said, "Rumours that current RDA under the chairmanship of Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi is going to be dissolved are fake. This RDA is as strong and popular among its residents as it can be. Let the rumours die."
"We have been working sincerely in the better interest of residents of AIIMS and patients and will keep working under the banner of AIIMS RDA," he said.
The NMC Bill was tabled and passed on August 1 in Rajya Sabha. On Monday, the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha.
Doctors have shown their dissatisfaction over the ambiguity of the NMC bill. They were uncertain on the concept of NEXT and demolition of NEET-PG. They were also against the concept of community health providers, included in the Bill.
The medical fraternity has also shown deep concern over the privatisation of medical educations.
On Friday, Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan had met a group of resident doctors and assured them that the NMC bill was a historic one.
"I have assured resident doctors that NMC bill is a historic bill. It is in favour of doctors, patients, nation and medical students. NMC bill is fully integrated and visionary revolution to reform the medical education sector. It is a blessing for doctors and our future generation," the minister had told ANI. (ANI)