Yechury tears into 'communal BJP' over Jharkhand lynching

| Updated: May 23, 2017 00:11 IST

New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI): The Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Monday condemned the killing of six people by a mob on the suspicion of being 'child-lifters' and said the incident indicated complete failure of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state. "The continuing killing of people in front of the police in Jharkhand is a clear indication of complete failure of law and order in the state. What is happening in all BJP-ruled states is that private armies have been established who have arrogated to themselves the right to implement the law while the police is only a silent by-stander," Yechury told ANI. "This sort of private running in our country is something that is completely unacceptable to us and it is in complete contradiction to our Constitution and law of the land and these private Armies should immediately be banned," he added. Yechury held the BJP responsible for the act and alleged that a particular targetting was being "done against the Dalits and the Muslim minorities in the state." "This clearly shows the communal mindset of this government, which wants to capture power in the country by dividing people through communal polarisation; there cannot be any worse vote bank politics," he added. Meanwhile, around 19 people were arrested after seven people were beaten to death by a violent mob in two separate incidents in Jharkhand's Singhbhum district over suspicion of being child-lifters. According to the police, rumours on social media led to the "unfortunate and unprecedented" incidents of sheer brutality. (ANI)