Yogendra Yadav challenges Arvind Kejriwal on 399 new liquor shops

| Updated: Aug 30, 2016 23:45 IST

New Delhi, [India], Aug.30 (ANI): Rebel AAP leader and now Swaraj Abhiyan crusader Yogendra Yadav challenged Delhi Chief MInister Arvind Kejriwal on the issue of his government issuing 399 fresh liquor vend licenses, while claiming that only six had been issued. In a letter to Kejriwal, Yadav said: Dear Arvind: Your government has repeatedly claimed that AAP government has issued only 6 new licenses for liquor after coming to power. When Swaraj Abhiyan released different RTIs showing figures ranging from 58 to 217 new licenses, your Deputy CM claimed this was a lie. You might recall, Prashant ji and I are not given to lying. Since you have questioned us, I am constrained to respond with this challenge. I am releasing a list of 399 new licenses that AAP government has issued to liquor vends/stores and restaurants etc. It means that your government was working hard to issue almost one license every day! The list has names and addresses of license holders, with license number, based on information supplied by your own government to the Delhi assembly. I challenge you to prove that this figure of 399 is incorrect and that your Deputy CM was not misleading the people of Delhi. If you can, I offer to withdraw from public life. But if your government is lying ... well, in that case I leave it to your conscience! At the very least could you offer an apology to the people of Delhi and please answer the following questions: · Why is the government led by RTI activists concealing information from the public? · Why did the government that came on promise of nashamukti increase the supply of liquor? · Why did the government that promised swaraj not use existing rules for consulting local public before issuing a license? · Why did AAP government not use even one crore of the 3589 crores earned from liquor for de-addiction? You must be very busy. But I hope you would find time to get this list checked and respond to this challenge. If I do not hear from you for 72 hours (till mid-day of 2nd September), I would assume that your government accepts the veracity of this list released by us. (ANI)