Your money would give fuel to jets of 50 rich families: Rahul Gandhi on Modi's demonetization

| Updated: Feb 11, 2017 23:37 IST

Sitapur(Uttar Pradesh),[India] Feb. 11(ANI): Tearing into Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'real' motives behind demonetisation, the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi branded 'demonetisation' as a tool to waive off loans worth crores taken by some 50 rich families, instead of an initiative against black money as the Prime Minister has projected. "He claimed that black money is in Swiss bank accounts, and that he would bring the money back from Swiss banks. The Swiss government has given him the names of Swiss account holders. I want to ask Prime Minister Modi, why have you not revealed those names in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? Why have you kept those thieves away from us?" Rahul Gandhi said "Ninety-four percent of India's black money is in real estate, lands, buildings and Swiss banks. Only six percent of black money is in cash and he knows that very well, but he didn't launch surgical strike on that 94 percent. Those 50 families he is not attacking. God knows why he has attacked the cash, attacked the common masses, attacked the farmers, the labourers, attacked the youth of UP and the entire nation," he added. Pointing to a conspicuous trend in the entire demonetisation fiasco, he claimed that it was Prime Minister Modi's ploy to support the 50 odd families who have taken loans worth 6 lakh crores. Gandhi further added, that those 50 families are responsible for his marketing and PR, and are now cashing in on the hard earned money of the common man. "You deposited your money in the banks, on that money, their loans would be forfeited. I assure you that in 6 months he is going to forfeit their loans. It was the sole aim of demonetisation, to hold your money in the banks for the longest time, otherwise what explains the 24000 limit on your transactions. Your money would fuel the jets of those 50 odd families, add to the embellishment of their house," he added.(ANI)