Rs. 9.25 crore celebrity Murrah bull Yuvraj stars at Jaipur agro 'gram'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan)[India], Nov. 11 (ANI): In the ongoing agro meet named "Gram" in Jaipur these days, Yuvraj a Murrah bull has become its show stopper. According to its owner, Yuvraj is priced at more than Rs.9 crores, but he has not sold it. Yuvraj is attracting crowds due to his size and unmatchable breeding capacity. The price of Yuvraj is due his physical size and that is why he earns for his owner over 80 lakh rupees a month through the sale of his semen. Maintaining Yuvraj is no easy task for his owner. The diet plan of this celebrity bufallo includes providing him with 20 litres of milk and eating more than 15 kilograms of fruit. A staff of four is always attending to him. Yuvraj is aged around eight years and weighs around 1.5 tons. The height of the buffalo is around 5.9 inches and he has won the first prize at the national level 17 times. Murrah is a world famous high-yielding buffalo breed that is said to have its origins in Haryana's Rohtak and Jind districts. The breed is also found in western UP. The bull was in the news earlier when its owner Karamveer, of Kurukshetra in Haryana, turned down a Rs. 7 crore offer to sell it. Karamvir had also been offered Rs.9 crore by a South African for Yuvraj, but he has refused to part with the bull. Yuvraj has been a cash cow for his owner. The bull has fathered over 1.5 lakh calves through sperm donation. Yuvraj's mother was a buffalo who produced nearly 25 litres of milk a day. His sperm has been in great demand across almost all northern states. He generates 3.5 to 5ml of high-quality semen daily that is diluted to increase the volume to 35ml. (ANI)