33rd Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi festival held in Arunachal

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Bordumsa (Arunachal Pradesh) [India], Feb.25 (ANI): The picturesque state of Arunachal Pradesh has always played an important role in promoting northeast culture and tourism. The 33rd edition of Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, an annual mega cultural festival of Singpho tribe of the province was recently celebrated with much fanfare at Bordumsa. Chief Minister Pema Khandu was the chief guest at the festival that seeks to preserve, protect and promote age-old customs and identity and spread a message of peace and harmony among the various communities of the state. Speaking on the occasion, he said, "I felt very nice to see the cultural diversity of the state and the way the younger generation is maintaining their tradition. In Arunachal Pradesh, there is a lot of scope for tourism may it be adventure, natural beauties, or scenic beauties. Slowly and slowly, the government is making many good policies and our government is also taking a lot of interest in making Arunachal as a hotspot. The biggest challenge for us is related to connectivity. We don't have enough means of communication, the condition of roads is also a great issue, the railways service is almost equal to zero and the air service is also not available. Seeing all these things, we are implementing some good policies, so that we can enhance our tourism sector." An array of traditional games and sports were held at the festival, which gave the visitors a chance to witness the beautiful cultural performances and traditional games. Thousands of Singpho community members from Changlang and Tirap districts of Arunachal thronged the festival and witnessed the rich cultural event. Chou Sunanda Singpho, President of the Organizing Committee, said, "Our Singpho people are residing in different parts of the state, not only in Arunachal, but in Assam as well. In order to get-together in a proper way, we established it in 1985 and first it took place here at Miao. Besides Singpho's, other communities who are residing nearby us, they are also enjoyed this festival." In a similar gesture, Nyishi community of Arunachal Pradesh celebrated their Golden Jubilee Nyokum Yullo 2017 at Joram Village in Lower Subansiri district. The festival, which lasts over a fortnight, is linked closely to cultivation and is one of the major socio-agricultural festivals of the community. The Nyishi community celebrates the Nyokum Yullo festival together for better productivity, prosperity and happiness of all human beings on earth. As part of celebration, two commemorative pillars were also erected to mark the 50th anniversary of the festival. Likha Saaya, MLA, said, "We are celebrating 50 years of Nyukum festival. What I believe is this is the most important festival and moment because after 50 years we are celebrating this festival and centenary we may not be here on this earth." Likewise, Oriah Festival was also celebrated by the Wanchos community to appease the sun and moon to grace them with peace and prosperity. (ANI)