Farmers celebrate 100 years of apple cultivation

| Updated: Nov 09, 2016 13:16 IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)[India], Nov. 9 (ANI): Villagers in Himachal Pradesh celebrated the 100 years of apple cultivation recently. Farmers gathered at Thanedhar in Shimla to hail the landmark. Vijay Kumar Stokes, a progressive farmer and grandson of Satyanand Stokes, said, "The Stokes have contributed not only in the field of apple cultivation, but also in the area of social reform. The apple has brought prosperity and this celebration has brought all farmers and people together, it is a big achievement." Amar Singh Nalwa, a village chief, said, "The contribution of Satyanand Stokes family can never be forgotten. We have requested the people not to give a political twist to this function, as it has been arranged to pay tribute to Satyanand Stokes. Life cannot be imagined had the apple seed not been planted in this region." Vidya Stokes, the Horticulture Minister of Himachal Pradesh, said she felt happy and privileged that the people of the state had taken time out to remember her father-in-law Satyanand Stokes for his contributions in the horticulture sector of the state. Satyanand Stokes planted the first delicious varieties of apples in the Barubag region of the Kotgarh Valley in 1916. Samuel Evans Stokes popularly known as Satyanand Stokes brought apple seeds from the United States and planted them in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. After that Kotgarh and other regions of Shimla district emerged as the apple bowls of the state. Today, apple production contributes Rs. 5,000 crores to the state's economy. (ANI)