Himachal State Museum an eye candy for tourists

| Updated: Dec 29, 2016 13:49 IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Dec. 29 (ANI): Himachal Pradesh has always been the favourite destination for tourists from all across the country. No wonder, as it has many tourist attractions and monuments of cultural heritage. The state museum of Himachal Pradesh is one such place. The museum, started with the objective of preserving the culture and history of the state, came into being on January 26, 1974. The objects put up for display belong to India archaeology, state heritage, anthropology, archaeological material excavated from different parts of the state, contemporary art. It also has on display ornaments, jewellery and currency belonging to different era. The museum is a gateway to the tourists visiting the region as it reflects the culture, customs, lifestyle and history of Himachal Pradesh. The curator of the museum, Harish Chauhan, said, "We have displayed objects pertaining to Indian archaeology, state heritage like stone sculpture, miniature paintings, anthropology, wall paintings, archaeological excavated material from different regions of the state and drawings right from 3rd century to modern times." Diksha Chandel, a local student, said, "Getting to see so many things associated with a culture at one place is a big thing. We read about them in textbooks, but if we see the same then we are able to capture it mentally even more." Australian Daniel Johnson said, "The history the museum displayed was itself quite intriguing. The wood carvings, statues etc were all very interesting to see." (ANI)