Kargil's remote Drass finally gets its double lane bridge

| Updated: Oct 30, 2016 14:08 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Oct.30 (ANI): Commuting just became easier in Kargil district thanks to the construction of a double lane bride that would now connect various villages and small towns. For long considered a backward area, Drass has served as an important between the Kashmir valley and Ladakh. Kachoo Hussain Khan, Deputy Commissioner of Kargil told ANI, "When it was single lane bridge, it was difficult to commute. This double lane bridge will make travelling on the national highway much easier for the people of Drass." "This new bridge will help trade to flourish as well," he added. Muhammad Iqbal, a commuter, recalled the chaotic commuting of the past, especially during the six months when the route was closed for six months due to winter. Others like Farooq Ahmad Sai and he said that the double lane bride has taken three years to construct. The construction of the double lane bridge or 'Project Vijayak' as referred to by the Indian Army has been much appreciated by local residents. (ANI)