Muslims help perform last rites of Kashmiri Pandit woman in Srinagar

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)[India], Nov.19 (ANI): In an another example of communal harmony in Kashmir. Muslims residing in the Habakadal area of Srinagar recently helped to perform the last rites of a Kashmiri Pandit woman. According to reports, the Kashmiri Pandit family had been living in this Muslim-dominant area for the last 30 years, and when one of women in the family passed away, the arrangements for the last rites were made by her Muslim neighbours. Muslims carried the hearse to the cremation ground in Karfalli Mohalla. Sushma Parimoo died on Friday morning. She was 40. "We got full cooperation from neighborhood and always feel like a family. Never felt that I am from a different religion. We shared a brotherhood relation with the Muslim community and treat each other equally," said Kamlesh, Sushma's brother. "There is a fraternity bond since ages and we always share our joys and sorrows with each other. When we heard about the sad news, then all of us attended to the family at their home and went to the cremation ground to conduct the last rites," said Abdul Khaliq, a Muslim neighbour. Sushma is survived by her two brothers Raj and Kamlesh Parimoo and their wives and children.(ANI)