New 'soya' dairy substitute is Manipur's new taste sensation

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Imphal(Manipur), [India]Jan. 7(ANI): Under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of 'Make in India', a new company under the name of 'Emasoy' has been making its mark in the market across Manipur for supplying dairy substitute made from soyabean, which has become the latest talk of the town. Emasoy is the first manufacturer in Manipur for non-dairy based products such as milk, curd and ice cream from soyabean which is known as best alternative to dairy based products. The company attempts in producing non-dairy based product which is purely vegetarian and an alternative to dairy based products that is soya milk, soya paneer (tofu), soya curd and soya ice cream. At present, the company has employed 10 staffs which includes non-skill and skilled staffs, and look for more generations of jobs to accommodate more educated unemployed youths of the state. "The company aims in focusing on health and nutrition diet. As protein is needed by everyone and as the state has limited production of dairy based product, the company has produced wide range of soya products as affordable prices," Managing Director, Emasoy, Mathuravashi Shanker Sharma said. Sharma added that company is taking raw material (soyabean) from local market but it is also thinking of contacting local farmer for the farming of Soyabean so that it can help both company as well as farmer to be at par with the increase in demand of products in the market.(ANI)