Preparations in full swing for Kathin Chibor Dan festival in Assam

| Updated: Oct 24, 2016 14:34 IST

Jorhat (Assam) [India], Oct. 24 (ANI): Preparations are in full swing in Assam's Jorhat district for the festival of Kathin Chibor Dan. Kathin Chibor Dan is a ritual of offering clothes to Buddhist monks for the winter. In Assam, the villagers, especially the women, have begun weaving clothes. Balijan Shyam Gaon situated under Titabor subdivision in Jorhat district is populated with Tai-Khamyang people, who are followers of Buddhism. Ladies of the village follow the Panchsheel (five principles of peaceful co-existence) weave clothes for the monks through the night and offer them to the monks in the morning. Prior to that, the women take part in a rally, carrying an artificial tree with money hanging from it. It is known as Kalpataru (the tree to fulfill wishes). The procession stops in front of each and every household of the village to offer blessings to the owner. After this, the women begin to weave clothes for the monks. All expect peace and prosperity through this ritual. The Buddhists believe that offering without any vested interest is the best offering. (ANI)