Tibet museum showcases photo exhibition in Dharamshala

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Dharamshala [India], Dec. 15 (ANI): A photo exhibition showcasing the work of a Tibetan photographer and former monk Kunchok Gyaltsen is being held here. The photos show Tibetan culture, environment and the nomadic way of Tibetan life. The 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorjee inaugurated the exhibition here in Dharamshala. "It's about the nomadic life and grassland where I come from. It's really amazing and I find myself one of the luckiest persons. I will keep it up for my people and my country. He (Karmapa) said that individually you have a responsibility to do something for your country and people but you should also do for the issues like environment," said Gyaltsen. "We have set up a temporary exhibition space for Kunchok Gyaltsen. He is actually from Tibet. He found a different situation in Tibet, so, this is an exhibition about that. So, here, we provide space to Tibetans photographers to present their precious photos to the outside world. His eminence, the Karmapa, was also here and he stressed on the environmental issue," said Tashi Phungstok, director of the Tibet Museum. Kunchok Gyaltsen was born in Tibet in 1970 and as a Buddhist monk he believed in freedom. He was not happy under the Chinese regime so in 1993 he fled in search of better life. In 2004, he married an Australian lady and migrated to Sydney in 2005. He has already organised many exhibitions in different countries. (ANI)