Young Afghan girl narrates her life's struggles

| Updated: Oct 06, 2016 14:00 IST

By Vinamrata New Delhi [India], Oct. 6 (ANI): Sabreia, a 19-year-old girl, was leading a normal life back in Afghanistan until security issues came into existence wherein the locals faced a lot of problems because of the Taliban and other militant groups. The sudden disappearance of her father forced her family to migrate to India. Sabreia, who wants to be a social activist is, however, hopeful that peace will return to Afghanistan one day. Living in a rented house in Delhi with her mother, a younger brother and uncle, Sabreia has been going through a tough time ever since she came to India. She was leading a normal life with her family in Afghanistan till her father disappeared suddenly. After waiting for several months in vain, her family was forced to sell off their ancestral property and move to India six months ago. The family has applied for a refugee status in India so that they can get employment. "In India, if you don't have refugee card, you cannot apply for job and that's the major problem because the UNHCR doesn't give the refugee card easily. I knew some Afghani people who have been here for two to three years, they are jobless and they haven't received their refugee card yet. This is the main problem that we don't get the refugee card timely because of which we cannot find job or pursue our higher education," Sabreia told ANI. Her mother, Shukriya, recounts the hard times they had to face in Afghanistan. Shukriya talks about the problems and struggle she faced as a single mother. "There is no safety and security in Afghanistan, especially if a woman is the sole bread winner for the family then the difficulties are more than usual. Living as a single woman parent in Afghanistan is tough," she said. In spite of living in a restrictive nation, the Afghan women are really strong and determined. Sabreia wants to pursue her higher education but she can't in the absence of a refugee card. But she is a confident young woman, who believes in converting her dreams into reality. "Someday I want to build an NGO for the Afghan community, the people can work and volunteer in it and help women and children. I also want to make schools in the far flung places of Afghanistan. I want to do all progressive things for Afghanistan and I am struggling for it. And I hope all my dreams will come true one day," said Sabreia. Sabreia's family, which sold everything back in Afghanistan in order to come to India, is living in financial crunch. Her younger brother is not going to school neither her uncle is working but this young lady is very hopeful and thinks that situation will improve very soon both for her family and her country. (ANI)