Uttarakhand: Devotees at 'Gopal Bisht temple' offer sickle to deity

| Updated: May 29, 2017 11:03 IST

Fatehpur (Uttarakhand), May 29 (ANI): Have u ever heard of offering sickle to the God? Well, devotees at Gopal Bisht temple in Fatehpur, Uttarakhand did so, after their wishes got fulfilled. Scores of nearby villagers gathered at the temple yesterday to offer prayers and sickles to the deity. "The specialty of this temple is that it is deep inside the forest. People here have a lot of faith in this temple. We believe that anyone who asks something here, his or her wish gets fulfilled," said a devotee to ANI. They said that most of their wishes were fulfilled after offering prayers at the temple, where people pray for the protection of their animals and farms. (ANI)