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Women's self-help group in West Bengal's Bankura district living example of empowerment

| Updated: Oct 03, 2016 13:42 IST

Bankura (West Bengal) [India], Oct.3 (ANI): Development and empowerment not only give a boost to the economy, but also bring about a positive change in society. A women's self-help group in Bankura district of West Bengal is a living example of this change. Overcoming boundaries of religion, these women are running a chicken farm to provide for themselves and their families. When people work in unison overcoming all differences, then only can society progress as a whole. At Pathardoba village of Bankura district in West Bengal, local women are proving this exact point. The women operate a self help group (SHG) named 'Jotakanali group' and a poultry farm, where they rear more than 4,000 chicks. About 20 women toil away at this farm to earn their livelihood. "We all work here and maintain this farm regularly as a group. We feel good as we all are community people working without any problem and we all want to continue this work in future," said Kolsima Bibi, the SHG group leader. These women belong to different communities such as Garai, Scheduled Tribes and Islam. Boundaries of caste and religion are erased at this farm as these women work together in complete harmony and amity. They treat each other as sisters and thrive together as a single entity. "We feel better as we all are working together here. We are working at our homes and at this firm. This self-help group has provided us with an opportunity to earn a good livelihood," said Namita Garai, a group member. "We all, Muslims, Garai and tribals work together and are willing to do more work in the future, said another group member and worker Putul Garai. Such heartening examples of people of different identities working together act as a catalyst to foster communal harmony in our country. (ANI)