PM addressing rally in Tonk, Rajasthan
PM addressing rally in Tonk, Rajasthan

PM disapproves of attacks on Kashmiris, says fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmiris

ANI | Updated: Feb 23, 2019 20:35 IST

Tonk (Rajasthan), Feb 23 (ANI) Breaking his silence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday disapproved of the attacks on Kashmiris in some parts of the country in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack and underlined that “our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmiris”, who too are victims of the scourge.
Addressing a rally here, he also declared that Pakistan will be made to account for everything and that the “terror factory” will be shut by him.
Modi asserted that the enemies of humanity must be “taught a lesson” and that he is engaged in ensuring that Pakistan is isolated globally.
He said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, after assuming office last year, had promised to end hostility with India and that “it is time to see whether he lives up to his word”.
While referring to the Pulwama attack of February 14, Modi told the gathering, “Sabka hisab hoga, hisab pura hoga. Manavta ke aise dushmano ko sabak sikhana chahiye ki nahi chahiye? Chun chun ke hisab hona chahiya ki nahi hona chahiye? (Everything will be accounted for. Should the enemies of humanity not be taught a lesson? Should everything not be accounted for?)”
He went on to add, “Duniya bhar mein Pakistan ka dana pani bandh hona chahiye. Aapka chowkidar issi me laga hai (Pakistan should be isolated in the world. Your chowkidar is engaged in this).”
Contending that an environment has been created globally against terrorism, he said, “there will be no peace in the world, till this terror factory remains intact” and added that “if this terror factory is destined to be shut by me, then let it be.”
The Prime Minister said after the Pulwama terror attack, the Army has been given a free hand and there is “panic” in Pakistan.
Referring to targeting of Kashmiris in some parts of the country in the wake of Pulwama attack, Modi said such incidents should not take place “even by mistake” as even a single case of attack on “Kashmiri children” strengthens the elements which propagate ‘bharat tere tukde honge’ (India, you will be torn into pieces).
He said it is the duty of every citizen to take care of and protect their Kashmiri brethren. 
“Over the last few days, whatever happened wherever, whether it was small or big incident, what happened with Kashmiri children, nothing of that sort should happen,” the Prime Minister said.
Underlining that “Kashmiri children are themselves troubled by terrorism,” he said, “Our fight is against terrorism, against enemies of humanity, not against Kashmiris... Our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmir, not against the Kashmiris.”
Giving an assurance to the people of Kashmir, the Prime Minister said, “I appeal to nation, our fight is against terrorism and enemies of humanity only... Even if there is a single incident (of attack on Kashmiris), it strengthens those propagating ‘bharat tere tukde honge’. I am sure none of my countrymen will support such elements.”
Modi said in the fight against terrorism, not only the security personnel get killed, but even the common Kashmiris shed their blood for the nation. 
He referred to the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims in Kashmir in 2017 and said the injured were well taken care of the local Kashmiris.
“Kashmiri Muslims queued up to give blood for the injured pilgrims to save their lives,” he said.
He said the problem of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is limited to “three districts because of the patronage of some separatists”. 
The Prime Minister asserted the government is moving towards defeating terrorism and its supporters on all fronts.
“It is a commitment, not only from myself but entire 130 crore population” as it is above politics, he said. 
“After Pulwama, you would have seen, how steps are being taken against Pakistan... Globally, an atmosphere has been created.... Because of our decisions, there is panic in Pakistan,” Modi said.
He said action has also been taken against separatists in Kashmir and further action will be taken against them.
“This is different India. We don’t sit quietly suffering the pain. This is an India with new policy and new intent,” the Prime Minister said.
He said he realises that people are full of anger and has noticed “a flood of bravery expressed on the social media”. 
He said earlier governments “sowed the seeds where dreams of people were not fulfilled” and asserted that “this government will fulfil”.
Referring to Pakistan, Modi recalled that when Imran Khan’s government was formed last year, he had called up the new Prime Minister, as demanded by protocol, and invited him to work for peaceful ties between the two countries.
“I told him there has been enough of fighting between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has achieved nothing. Now you have come to politics from sports world. Come, let India and Pakistan fight against poverty and illiteracy,” Prime Minister said, quoting the conversation.
“He (Khan) told me, ‘I am pathan’s son and I speak the truth and implement it’,” Modi said, adding, “Today, it is time to see whether the Prime Minister of Pakistan lives up to his word.”
His remarks about Khan came three days after the Pakistan Prime Minister said action will be taken if "actionable intelligence" is provided about links to Pulwama attack in his country.
Modi said the entire country is with the armed forces but “unfortunately, there a few people, who live in India but speak the language of Pakistan,” apparently targeting Congress leaders.
“They are the same people, who go to Pakistan and say ‘do anything to remove Modi’,” the Prime Minister said, hinting at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar.
“They are the same people who, after the Mumbai attack of 2008, showed no courage to respond to terrorists. They are not with the jawan (soldiers), nor kisan (farmers),” he said. (ANI)