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Capt. Kawaldeep Singh Chandhok, head of RAW ATH LEAN along with his team
Capt. Kawaldeep Singh Chandhok, head of RAW ATH LEAN along with his team

RAW ATH LEAN, one of its kind organic fitness arena, opens its door in South Mumbai

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2022 12:36 IST

New Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI/SRV): RAW ATH LEAN's organic movement connects you with Organic Training & Lifestyle from the pre-1938 era. A distinctive and natural movement called RAW ATH LEAN aims to bring people closer to everything organic. Combining organic training, which was Last followed by these sportsmen of the Yesteryear arena before 1938, combined with an organic lifestyle and plant-based food.
RAW ATH LEAN is headed by Capt. Kawaldeep Singh Chandhok, a senior airline commander & a national-level athlete. He has trained for over 14 years with our late Head Coach Madhukar Darekar Sir, born in 1938, a 9-time national winner, and had 67 years of training experience alone. He followed a very advanced training and programming pattern and an essential plant-rich diet taught him by his gurus.
Our other coaches are a combination of Olympic-based sports, having competed at the All India National, state, and district levels. Plus, other coaches are handpicked by the founder and trained specifically according to old Raw organic pre1938 training methods.
The body's stimulus serves as the inspiration for raw organic training. Until the 1930s, these pieces of training were only observed in sporting venues before they were gradually lost and forgotten.
In its studio facilities in South Mumbai, RAW ATH LEAN MOVEMENT uses its Personalized Programs to bring out the best in each participant. The Raw Organic Training is tailored to you to improve your Visual Appeal & overall body performance based on your gender, body type, and needs. And along with this, one will be training clients in style remnants of old school for a crisper-looking lean physique with high body performance. Besides, one can use our specially customized national standard training kits, which will be shipped all over India at no additional cost, and can get trained by our coaches at the time and place of their convenience.
According to RAW ATH LEAN Lean, everybody has various needs. At RAW ATH LEAN, training is divided into two distinct types and divisions for men and women. But with one standard aim, which is to maintain High body performance. This includes improved strength, the agility of the body with loads, the heart condition of a sprinter, and flexibility closer to a gymnast.

The ultimate purpose of RAW ATH LEAN for men is to assist you in developing a Strong, Flexible, and Organic Physique. Giving you a V TAPER PHYSIQUE WITH ABS and not just weight loss or fat loss. Our late head coach, nine-time National Champion, who was born in 1938, lays forth the fundamentals of the training.
Along with enhancing men's testosterone production through our variable training and programming, gaining a V-taper physique with skin conditioning and abs by using only Organic Healthy Food without anything artificial. The Raw Organic Lifestyle keeps you ultimately disease free just like your ancestors.
While RAW ATH LEAN's objective for women is to assist you in achieving an hourglass body and losing the extra fat, the training offered here is 50 per cent based on a centuries-old Swedish system created in the 19th century. That gets you closer to an hourglass and raises physical performance by 45 per cent.
In addition to enhancing high output naturally through exercise, it also raises estrogen levels to promote tighter skin. RAW ATH LEAN aims to provide women with an hourglass-shaped body and a highly responsive brain. The Raw Organic Lifestyle mainly CAN BE USED For HEALING of all chronic diseases: through training and programming set by our coaches and combining it with raw organic food, and Lifestyle fasting intermittently for 16 hours for healing and digestion, sunbathing for proper vitamin D absorption, and enemas for total bodily cleansing.
You can grow and rediscover yourself with the support of personalized raw organic training from a team of elite national-level experts. We stimulate the body such that it does not need supplements and gets all of its nutrition from clean, natural foods and a healthy lifestyle. It helps your body to increase strength to lift two times of body weight, agility to move quickly, and flexibility of a gymnast, all under one roof. Utilize RAW ATH LEAN to activate your best self.
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