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RVS MOTO HUB opens its new super luxury car service center at Trivandrum, Kerala
RVS MOTO HUB opens its new super luxury car service center at Trivandrum, Kerala

RVS MOTO HUB opens door to its newest luxury Car Service Center at Trivandrum

ANI | Updated: Nov 15, 2022 13:51 IST

New Delhi [India], November 15 (ANI/SRV): RVS MOTO HUB, a UK-based German car expert, opens its new super luxury car service center at Trivandrum, Kerala. The company's latest move comes as the result of its expansion plan in India, increasing its presence in India, customer reach, and revenue generation all at once. At this newest super luxury car service center, customers will be able to access the original spare parts for their luxury cars at an affordable price.
"Our new service center at Trivandrum will not only offer exceptional automotive service to existing luxury car owners but also encourage more individuals to opt for luxury cars," says Ratheesh, CEO and Founder of RVS MOTO HUB, commenting on this event.
RVS MOTO HUB is Headquartered in the UK, This a German car expert, who sources original spare parts for luxury cars from Germany and other European countries. This company makes luxury car servicing and maintenance more economical and accessible to all kind of luxury car owners. India's luxury car segment has been witnessing rapid growth over the past few years with more and more youngsters upgrading to a luxury car. In fact, the market for super luxury cars above Rs 2.5 crores is set to more than double this calendar year to 600-650 vehicles as per an Economic Times report. Another report by Inventiva says that the Indian luxury car market, which was valued at USD 1.06 billion in 2021, is anticipated to grow by 7 per cent CAGR to USD 1.54 billion by 2027. In this scenario, RVS MOTO HUB is on a mission to provide affordable and hassle-free automotive maintenance service for the ultimate super luxury cars.

"High-end cars from global brands are said to be enjoying unprecedented demand in the Indian market. In fact, A 5-year-old supercar is available for under Rs 20 to 40 lakhs. However, maintenance of these luxury cars at their official service centers can be very expensive, That forcing many potential luxury car buyers to give a second thought to their purchase decision. RVS MOTO HUB resolves this issue by making luxury car maintenance services more affordable than ever."
RVS MOTO HUB is the best premium car service center in Kerala, was founded by Ratheesh, with the help of some like-minded European Entrepreneurs, to provide affordable automotive services to Indians. RVS MOTO HUB's British headquarters sourcing genuine spare parts from all those super luxury car manufacturers and then ships them to RVS MOTO HUB's Indian warehouse, This kind of sincere dedication helps them to be in the top of the best german car service center in Kerala.
RVS MOTO HUB also provides premium car roadside assistance in Kerala. Ratheesh choose Trivandrum for their new premium car repair center, because of the strong technical talent pool and exciting new market. In addition, the new service center's fast and efficient services will be a value addition to the luxury car owners of the region. Follow RVS MOTO HUB on social media's.
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