Google dedicates it 'waterproof' doodle to Charles Macintosh!

| Updated: Dec 29, 2016 16:00 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 29 (ANI): Wake up to a chilly morning and sense a bit of rain! That's the exact feeling one will have as soon as he/she starts working on Google today, as it is celebrating the 250th birth anniversary of Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, inventor of the waterproof material, which led to the making of modern raincoat. Dedicating the doodle today to Macintosh, it shows an animation, where he is seen standing wearing a raincoat and rain droplets all around. Describing the doodle, Google wrote on its website, "It's a wonder how the weather-beaten Brits coped before Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh invented his eponymous waterproof coat. His invention, patented in 1823, came about as he experimented with coal-tar naphtha and rubber and realised they could be fused together with fabric to create a waterproof surface. These days in the U.K., it's common to call any type of raincoat a "Mac"." "Today's Doodle shows Macintosh enjoying a Scottish rain shower whilst testing his ingenious invention," it added. Born in Glasgow, was first employed as a clerk. But he devoted all his spare time to science, particularly chemistry, and before he was twenty resigned his clerkship to take up the manufacture of chemicals. (ANI)