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Male reproductive organs shrinking due to chemicals in the environment: Research

ANI | Updated: Jun 20, 2022 15:58 IST

New York [United States], June 20 (ANI): New research has found that the size of male reproductive organs is shrinking due to chemicals present in the environment, which can have a big effect on humankind's survival.
Famous American writer and epidemiologist, Dr Shanna Swan, in her research published in her book 'Count Down' stated that babies are not developing properly due to pollutants and microplastics in the environment.
Her research shows that the majority of males today face erectile dysfunction and babies are born with smaller reproductive organs.
The major reason behind the shrinking of the male reproductive organ is the chemicals present in the environment and an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to hormonal imbalance.
Apart from the size, male sperm count also has been a major area of concern for a very long time and the study reveals that the sperm counts have dropped by 50 per cent in the last 40 to 50 years.
Toxic chemicals such as phthalates which are used in food packaging have a severe impact on the hormones.
According to several media outlets, lab rats that have been exposed to phthalates have smaller reproductive organs. (ANI)