Scientists derive technology for new-gen transistors

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

WashingtonD.C [US], Dec. 4 (ANI): In a recently conducted research, scientists have examined the electrical properties of materials that could be harnessed for next-generation transistors and electronics. The study has been published in Nature Communications journal. Experts in the field Fan Zhang and Armin Khamoshi recently published their research on transition metal dichalcogenides or TMDs. In recent years, scientists and engineers have become interested in TMDs in part because they are superior in many ways to graphene, a one-atom thick, two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a lattice. Since it was first isolated in 2004, graphene has been investigated for its potential to replace conventional semiconductors in transistors, shrinking them even further in size. Graphene is an exceptional conductor, a material in which electrons move easily, with high mobility. "It was thought that graphene could be used in transistors, but in transistors, you need to be able to switch the electric current on and off," Zhang said. Adding, "With graphene, however, the current cannot be easily switched off." (ANI)