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Ashes is pinnacle of women's cricket: Tayla Vlaeminck

ANI | Updated: May 16, 2019 15:12 IST

Melbourne [Australia], May 16 (ANI): Australia women player Tayla Vlaeminck is all hyped up for the forthcoming Ashes series. She called the series the 'pinnacle of women's cricket'.
"As a kid when you're growing up and watching cricket, men's cricket and women's cricket, the Ashes is the pinnacle," Cricket.com.au quoted Vlaeminck as saying.
"You have the World Cup and you have the Ashes. To go to the Ashes to play a Test match that's probably the pinnacle of women's cricket at the moment so I'm super excited to (try and put my hand up) and we'll see what happens," she added.
Back in January, Vlaeminck suffered a knee injury at training. However, this was not the only injury she witnessed; prior to this she underwent two knee reconstructions and recovered from a dislocated shoulder.
"It was getting to the point where I'd been injured, then I'd have four-to-six weeks off, then I'd get injured again and it was just like a cycle," she said.
"So hopefully the two, three months I've spent working pretty hard and trying to get a lot stronger will hopefully break that cycle and maybe I'll have a bit of a stint where I can just play cricket," Vlaeminck added.
Currently, Vlaeminck is in Brisbane with the National Performance Squad for a three-week camp at the Bupa National Cricket Centre and has started improving her game to secure a spot in the squad going for the Ashes series which is starting on July 2. (ANI)