CPL to introduce penalty for slow over rate

ANI | Updated: Jul 31, 2018 19:00 IST

Barbados [West Indies], July 31 (ANI): Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has introduced a provision of penalty for the teams found guilty of slow over rates.
According to the changed rules, if a team failed to complete their overs within the allotted time frame then, as a penalty, 0.05 points will be deducted from their net run that could affect their chances of moving ahead in the tournament.
For every additional over, the teams will face a supplementary deduction of 0.10 points from the net run rate.
The specified time for completing the twenty overs is 85 minutes plus the additional time allotted by the umpires in certain circumstances.
In another major amendment, the league has introduced a system of the coin toss to decide as which team will bat first in the event of super over.
According to the earlier rules, the team which batted second in a tied match, automatically become eligible to bat first in the super over.
Reflecting on the changes, operation director of CPL, Michael Hall said that they are trying their best to ensure fair playing conditions and he hoped that the changes would prove beneficial for the league.
"We work hard each year to ensure that playing conditions are making the competition as fair as possible while also keeping the spectators and viewers at home entertained," ESPNcricinfo.com quoted Hall, as saying.
"We feel both of these changes will help with both of these goals," he added.
On a related note, CPL is slated to be held from August 8 to September 16. (ANI)