New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill
New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill

Guptill elated to be a part of one of 'greatest games in cricket history'

ANI | Updated: Jul 19, 2019 21:24 IST

Dubai [UAE], July 19 (ANI): Despite losing the World Cup final at the hands of England, New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill has expressed his happiness over being a part of one of the 'greatest games in cricket history'.
The premier tournament's final clash was one of its kinds as the winners were announced on the basis of comparing boundaries scored by both the teams during the match.
The rule of boundary count came into play after the 50-over match was tied at 241 runs and later the super over too ended on a tie as both the teams scored 15 runs.
With this victory, England won their maiden World Cup title at Lord's on July 14.
"The support that we had from back home and even around here, and what you see on social media, everyone just loved the game, whether they were cricket watchers or not. Everyone was all over the game and they loved it and it was just a shame for us about the result," ICC quoted Guptill as saying.
"We actually had quite a good party. I mean, obviously it was quite a sombre mood for a while but then we realised we were part of one of the greatest games in cricket history, so we got over it fairly quickly. We had a good time together, because we're not going to be together as a group like that for a while yet," he added.
During the match, the fourth delivery of the final over happened to be the turning point of the match. The hosts England were awarded six runs after the ball went straight for a boundary after being inadvertently deflected by Ben Stokes when he dived to complete his second run.
It was Guptill who threw the ball and he feels that the Kiwis were 'right in the box seat' up until the third ball.
"Up until the third ball, we were right in the box seat. And then it wasn't to be, but that's just the way cricket goes, as players. It was one hell of a final. I guess it was the throw that I threw in from the boundary and hit the back of Stokes' bat, and trickled off for four," he said.
"You know when that sort of thing happens, from a throw from the boundary, it tends not to go your way," Guptill added. (ANI)