Former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin (file image)
Former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin (file image)

Hyderabad CA Ombudsman 'temporarily disqualifies' 5 office bearers, Azhar to continue as president

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2021 21:31 IST

New Delhi [India], July 4 (ANI): Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) Ombudsman Justice Deepak Verma has given green light to former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin to continue as president of the governing body on Sunday.
The Hyderabad CA Ombudsman also passed an interim order that "temporarily disqualifies" HCA Vice President John Manoj, Secretary Vijayanand, joint-secretary Naresh Sharma, Treasurer Surender Agarwal, Councillor P Anuradha from performing their duties as Office Bearers of the Apex Council.
"I would like to make it clear that, just because these 5 members believe on their own accord that I am not ombudsman does not take away my powers which are now been confirmed by the HC judgment and the minutes of the 85th AGM as well," Justice Verma wrote in his 16-page order, accessed by ANI.
"These members cannot evade the due process of law just by stating that they don't agree to my appointment. It is clear from the above, that these members have malafide intentions and do not want smooth functioning of HCA.
"I hereby direct that these members are temporarily disqualified from performing their duties as Office Bearers of the Apex Council till the time these Complaints attain finality," he added.

Justice Verma also directed former Indian skipper Azharuddin to continue as chief of HCA.
"I direct that Sh. Mohd. Azharuddin shall continue as President and all complaints against Office Bearers shall only be decided by the Ombudsman," said Justice Verma.
"From the aforesaid facts and features, it is clearly reflected that instead of encouraging the game of Cricket, each one is playing their own politics for the reasons best known to them. Thus, it defeats the very purpose for which HCA has been formed," he added.
Earlier in May 2021, Azharuddin had said his consent wasn't taken by the office bearers before calling a Special General Body Meeting (SGM) on July 18.
"The Secretary has sent out a notice for a SGM on July 18, 2021. This is in complete violation of the Rules & Regulations-2018 of HCA because, rule 7(3)(d) clearly says that " The Secretary shall convene the Annual general Meetings, Special General Meetings, Meetings of the APEX council & Governing Council Meetings with the concurrence of the President," said the former India skipper.
"I once again want to mention that my concurrence was not taken for any meeting after April 30, 2021. All meetings convened after April 30, 2021 & decisions thereof are "null & void," he added. (ANI)