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National Games mascot 'Savaj'. (Photo- SAI/MYAS media)
National Games mascot 'Savaj'. (Photo- SAI/MYAS media)

The way art, sports and culture came together during National Games, it filled all with joy: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: Oct 30, 2022 14:55 IST

New Delhi [India], October 30 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday congratulated all the teams and athletes who participated, won medals and made records in the recently-concluded 36th National Games.
Speaking on the 94th edition of his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat', he addressed the nation saying, "Friends, Tomorrow, the 31st of October, is National Unity Day, the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. On this day, 'Run for Unity' is organized in every corner of the country. This race strengthens the thread of unity in the country, inspires our youth."
"A few days ago, the same sentiment has been seen during our National Games as well. With the theme 'Judega India to Jeetega India', national game, on the one hand, have given a strong message of unity, on the other, have promoted India's sports culture. National Games this time was the biggest ever organized in India. 36 sports were included in this, in which, 7 new and two indigenous competitions, Yogasan and Mallakhamb were also included. The three teams that were at the fore in winning the Gold Medal are - Services team, Maharashtra and Haryana team. Six National Records and about 60 National Games Records were also made in these games. I congratulate all the players, who won medals, made new records, participated in this sports competition. I also wish these players a bright future," he concluded his point.

The Prime Minister expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the people who contributed to successful organisation of the games in Gujarat, when it was also celebrating the festival of Navaratri.
"Before organizing these games, once it came to my mind that at this time the whole of Gujarat is involved in these festivals, so how will people be able to enjoy these games? Such elaborate arrangement and on the other hand, arrangements for Navratri Garba etc. How will Gujarat do all this work at the same time? But the people of Gujarat made all the guests happy with their hospitality. The way art, sports and culture came together during the National Games in Ahmedabad, it filled all with joy."
"While the players also used to participate in the games during the day; in the evening they used to get immersed in the colors of Garba and Dandiya. They also shared a lot of pictures of Gujarati food and Navratri on social media. It was a pleasure for all of us to see. After all, through games like these, one comes to know about the diverse cultures of India. They equally strengthen the spirit of 'Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat'," he concluded.
More than 14, 500 sportspersons, coaches and officials from all States and Union Territories participated in this year's National Games which was inaugurated by PM Modi on September 29. (ANI)