Australia batsman Usman Khawaja
Australia batsman Usman Khawaja

Usman Khawaja opines over Australia's fluctuating batting line-up

ANI | Updated: Jun 22, 2019 18:22 IST

Melbourne [Australia], June 22 (ANI): Australia batsman Usman Khawaja said that they have prioritised their team and no one in the batting line-up has any issue with the position they are coming to bat.
"It's all above board, everyone is communicating, everyone is talking and no one - myself, Smithy, Maxi - no-one really has any issue batting anywhere. Where the game situation is for us, down there wherever we are, is what we will play. Whether that is against India where we needed 10 an over, or a first innings like this (against Bangladesh) where we are setting a total, we are just playing a game situation. What the team needs (comes first). We are all really happy with that," quoted Khawaja as saying.
Australia have displayed a scintillating performance in the World Cup so far as they atop the points table with 10 points.
Khawaja also opined that for him, it does not matter when he comes to bat as he said: "Whether I am coming in in the 15th over, 30th over, 45th over, whether we are chasing, whether we are setting (a total) the way I am going to play is dictated by the game."
The 32-year old revealed that he felt good throughout the tournament and further added that he puts his personal feelings aside.
"I have felt good throughout the whole of this tournament. I wasn't panicking. ... I was just going to do whatever the team needed and try to put any personal feeling I had aside," he said.
Australia will now compete against hosts England on June 25. (ANI)