Tottenham's former player Jermaine Jenas
Tottenham's former player Jermaine Jenas

Courtois was wrong in criticising Bale, says Jermaine Jenas

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2019 13:05 IST

Leeds [UK], Mar 05 (ANI): Jermaine Jenas, the former team-mate of Gareth Bale has lashed out at Real Madrid's goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois after he publicly criticised his fellow team member Gareth Bale and accused him of being an outsider in the dressing room.
"I thought Courtois was bang out of order to say what he said about Gaz in public," quoted Jenas as saying.
"I got on really well with him and one of the things I loved about him was that he was his own man. If we were going out as a squad, he would often opt out and stay at home with his family, but I never had a problem with that."
"He went back home to spend time with his family in Cardiff all the time and that is him. Is there anything wrong with that? That's Gaz. He has a young family, he likes to spend time with them, so why should he go out partying with the lads every few minutes?"
Earlier Courtois suggested that Bale's nickname in the Real Madrid dressing room is kept as "the golfer" as he rarely socialises with team-mates and prefers to play golf instead of taking part in team dinners.
Bale, who was previously with Tottenham, has enjoyed great deal of success in Spain since leaving for Madrid in 2013, winning the Champions League four times.
There are speculations doing the rounds that Bale's time can come to an end at Madrid after he refused to celebrate with team-mate after scoring for Real Madrid. (ANI)