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England vs Wales (Photo: Twitter@England)
England vs Wales (Photo: Twitter@England)

FIFA WC: England, Wales play goalless first half

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 02:16 IST

Al Rayyan [Qatar], November 30 (ANI): England dominated Wales and yet played a goalless first half at the Al-Rayyan Stadium in a Group B encounter on Wednesday.
The English team enjoyed great possession but were unable to find the back of the net with several changes gone begging. Wales never really found their stride as they sat back in their half with England mounting pressure on them.
England made several passes initially, becoming familiar with the ball. Marcus Rashford attempted to enter the Welsh box from the left but lost control of the ball at the edge to lose possession.

With a brilliant through ball, Harry Kane put Rashford in a one-on-one situation with the Welsh goalkeeper in the 10th minute. However, Daniel Ward advanced forward and denied the Manchester United forward's chip.
Rashford was clearly the best player for the English team as he kept creating chances for his team and looked most likely to score. A powerful strike from Rashford hit Welsh player Neco Williams in the face the defender went down and was given some medical attention.
He was substituted in the 34th minute and a concussion substitute replaced the Welsh defender. The player received a standing ovation from the Welsh supporters as he dragged himself off the pitch in what was probably the biggest game of his career. Connor Roberts replaced Williams as things looked downhill for Wales.
Wales had a throw-in in the final second of the first half extremely close to the England box. Joe Allen received it on the edge of the box after Roberts passed it to Mepham. Joe Allen reaches for it, and the ball barely misses the England goal as it flies over it.
Both teams failed to score as the half ended without a goal with Wales clearly struggling to keep possession. (ANI)