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ISL: New rules and regulations for sixth season

ANI | Updated: Jun 20, 2019 16:37 IST

Leeds [United Kingdom], June 20 (ANI): Indian Super League (ISL) announced new rules and regulation on Thursday for the upcoming sixth season of the tournament.
The ISL have amended the following four rules:
1. Now each club can only sign either six or seven foreign players, prior to the mandatory condition of signing seven foreign and a maximum of 25 players to their squad. While each team can have at least a total of 22 players. Three developmental players (born after 1st January 1999) are must to the squad of 22 or 25 players, reported.
2. There is a reduction in the salary cap from Rs 17.5 Crores to Rs 16.5 Crores. The salary cap is the maximum amount which the club uses for signing player, the inclusion of a player, annual salary, bonuses, fee, etc.
3. Clubs also required to operate reserve teams and youth teams as per the Indian club licensing regulations with the teams comprising of players other than the ones in the main squad.
4. Clubs can sign 'marquee players' and their salary will not be included in the salary cap. If they sign more than one player than the highest-earning player's salary will not be taken into account.
Following are the deadlines that clubs have been asked to meet:
1st August 2019 - To sign a Head Coach
31st August 2019 - To submit the list of all signed domestic players including reserve players.
7th September 2019 - To submit the list of all signed foreign players, including any marquee player.
8th September 2019 - To submit all player contracts including full salary details.
20th September 2019 - To submit the full initial squad list. (ANI)