Chelsea manager Frank Lampard
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard

Mikel Arteta was very technical player, says Frank Lampard

ANI | Updated: Dec 29, 2019 20:28 IST

Leeds [UK], Dec 29 (ANI): Ahead of Premier League clash with Arsenal, Chelsea manager Frank Lampard said that coach Mikel Arteta was a very good and technical player.
"He was a very good player, a very intelligent player, very technical player," quoted Lampard as saying.
The gunners signed Arteta on a three-and-a-half-year deal.
The 41-year-old manager wished Arteta to do well ahead of the match and said that the manager role is full of strains and pressures.
"I do wish him well - obviously not on Sunday - but I wish him well because when you see a fresh manager come into a job like that, I understand the strains and the pressures of it and the desire to want to do well in it. On a personal level I wish him well," he said.
Chelsea's manager said Arteta is a leader whatever team he heads and is suitable for management.
"Seemed to be a leader, not a fist-pumping kind of leader, but a leader in whatever teams he was playing in. He looks like he could be well-suited to management," Lampard said.
Chelsea is on the fourth spot in the Premier League table with 32 points and will take on Arsenal later in the day.
Arsenal is placed 12th with 24 points in the Premier League table. (ANI)