Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos
Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos dejected after 7-3 defeat against Atletico Madrid

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2019 14:22 IST

Leeds [UK], July 27 (ANI): After witnessing a 7-3 defeat against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos admitted he is frustrated with the 'very poor result' and urged players to work hard to reach levels they aspire to.
"We're obviously not feeling great right now. This has only just begun, they're preparation games to get us up to the top level. There are many ways in which to lose, but we can't be doing it like we did today," quoted Ramos as saying.
"We played the game like a friendly, it's a big margin and we head away frustrated. It's a very poor result and we have to try and reach the levels we aspire to," he added.
Atletico Madrid's Diego Costa scored four goals in the match and his club had a 5-0 lead after the conclusion of the first half.
Despite a massive defeat, Ramos said that it is 'far too soon' to draw conclusions as it is still pre-season campaign.
"We have to forget about what happened last season, this is a pre-season campaign and it's far too soon to draw conclusions and be assessing things. We have to keep training as we are every day and we'll gradually reach our best to take on the challenges of the new season," Ramos said.
Moreover, Ramos said that they will draw conclusions once La Liga starts and has 'absolute confidence' in the club of doing well.
"We're getting in shape to try and reach our best and we'll draw conclusions once La Liga has started and we've started to play competitive games," he said.
"I have absolute confidence and after so many years here, if I thought this team weren't capable of winning things, I'd be the first to go. I have immense confidence in this team and in Madridismo," Ramos added. (ANI)