Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta (File image)
Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta (File image)

Something is missing from Arsenal, admits Arteta

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2020 11:22 IST

London [UK], November 29 (ANI): Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has admitted that there is something definitely missing from his side who have gone five straight Premier League games without scoring a goal from open play.
Arsenal have scored just once in those five matches and it came through the strike by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang against Manchester United on November 1. Arsenal will take on Wolves later today.
"The position probably that I believe we should have been in and where we are at the moment, it's two games [difference]. That's four to six points and it makes the whole difference and the small margins where we lose the game or win the game, it's incredibly narrow. But this is the reality of this league and where we are at the moment. We don't have big margins at the moment so we have to be really good at everything we do because, at the moment, something is missing," quoted Arteta as saying.

"We are on the edge of winning or losing a football match and we again are humble and conscious of that and at the moment we don't have to steal those margins and any game is going to be really difficult," he added.
Arsenal have not won the Premier League title since the 2003-04 season. Coach Arteta has admitted that it would take some time for the side to challenge for the title.
"I don't know the answer to that question," he replied when asked how long it would take for Arsenal to challenge for the title. If you're asking, 'How do you rebuild the squad?' It takes a few windows at least to do that and to establish yourself to compete at the level of certain clubs in this league, which is near 100 points, again it takes time," said Arteta.
"In football, time is very precious and people are very impatient but if you don't respect the processes and you ask certain people to do certain things when the foundations are not there, it's a really dangerous thing to do as well," he added.
Arsenal is currently at the 14th spot in the Premier League 2020-21 standings with 13 points from nine matches. (ANI)