Romain Grosjean escaping out of his car after the horrific crash (Photo/ Formula 1 Twitter)
Romain Grosjean escaping out of his car after the horrific crash (Photo/ Formula 1 Twitter)

Bahrain GP: Hamilton thanks FIA after Grosjean escapes horrific crash on lap 1

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2020 23:16 IST

Sakhir [Bahrain], November 29 (ANI): Haas' driver Romain Grosjean escaped the lap 1 horrific crash within seconds of the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday.
Grosjean suffered minor injuries after his car struck a barrier and caught fire.
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton thanked FIA for the safety measures that allowed Grosjean to move out safely out of that burning car.
"I'm so grateful Romain is safe. Wow... the risk we take is no joke, for those of you out there that forget that we put our life on the line for this sport and for what we love to do. Thankful to the FIA for the massive strides we've taken for Romain to walk away from that safely," Lewis Hamilton tweeted.
The car, heavy with fuel, was badly damaged and immediately burst into flames as the marshals appeared on the scene, along with the Medical Car that follows the pack on lap 1 of every race.

Just moments later Grosjean leapt from the burning wreckage as the marshals and safety officials began putting the fire out.
The race was immediately red-flagged and the other drivers filed around the track and back into the pit lane.
Haas then released an update confirming that Grosjean had suffered burns and was being checked by medical staff. A short statement from the team said: "Romain has some minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is ok. He is with the doctors just now."
The team later added that the Frenchman was being taken to hospital with a suspected broken rib(s), while the FIA confirmed Grosjean was conscious throughout the incident.
The race was eventually restarted after lengthy repairs to the barriers were completed. (ANI)