CWG: India's boxing team doctor reprimanded for breaching needle policy

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2018 16:51 IST

Gold Coast [Australia], April 3 (ANI): Following the recovery of used syringe near the room of a seasoned boxer, the Commonwealth Games Federation's (CGF) Federation Court on Tuesday issued a written reprimand to team doctor for Indian boxing team Amol Patil for not disposing the needles as per stipulated procedure.

The court was hearing a complaint made by the CGF Medical Commission against Patil.

In an official statement, the CGF informed that after an investigation, the doctor in question confirmed that he had administered a vitamin B complex, by injection, to an athlete that was feeling unwell.

"Upon questioning, the doctor conceded that he was aware of the No Needle Policy and subsequently detailed all use of needles for the period March 19 to date and co-operated in disclosing all medication in his possession," the statement read.

"The Federation Court found that there was a breach of Paragraphs I and II of the No Needle Policy in that the doctor left needles in the room while he went to the polyclinic to obtain sharp bins for the disposal of the needles."

Under the No Needle Policy, needles are required to be stored in a central secured location, access to which is restricted to authorised medical personnel of the CGA delegation. The needles in question were not disposed of until he had made two trips to the Polyclinic.

Thus, the CGF Court's issued a strong written reprimand to the doctor for the breach of policy with a recommendation that he immediately familarise himself with CGF policies. (ANI)