Derek Jeter heads to baseball spring training as team CEO

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2018 21:38 IST

Miami [United States], Feb 14 (ANI): One of the all-time greats of the Baseball world, Derek Jeter has headed off to the first Baseball's spring training since 2014, however, with a different designation.

Jeter, who once captained the New York Yankees, is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Miami Marlins.

Baseball's spring training starts this week.

According to the local media reports, before heading to his first spring training since his final season with the New York Yankees in 2014, Jeter said his ownership group is on the path to long-term success.

"We're in a good spot," Jeter added, "We are doing exactly what we set out to do."

He is the longest-tenured captain in franchise history, the 2014 season being his 12th as team captain.

A beloved five-time World Series champion in New York, Jeter is now a rookie owner, who has been faulted for his handling of the Stanton deal and other offseason moves.

When, CBS Evening News' Jeff Glor asked, "How much has the criticism stung?"

"Honestly, I don't really pay much attention to it, man. I'm an optimist. You know I get it, the fans are frustrated because it's a complicated history but the bottom line is we're not changing something here that's been working," Jeter responded.

Now in his fifth month on the job, Jeter acknowledged he's still finding his bearings as the Marlins' CEO. (ANI)