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Goal is to protect integrity, says Chief Chess Officer after banning billionaire Kamath's chess.com account

ANI | Updated: Jun 14, 2021 15:42 IST

Washington [US], June 14 (ANI): Daniel Rensch, the Chief Chess Officer for Chess.com, has said the governing body remains "committed" to ensure all games played on site are fairly contested.
His remarks came after Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath's account was banned for using unfair methods in a charity match against five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand.
Daniel said no account closure is made "without hard, statistical evidence" and Chess.com continues to invest heavily in their team and systems to ensure the safety and happiness of users.
"When it comes to Fair Play, Chess.com acts only in the best interest of the global chess community. Our goals are to protect the integrity of all games (every game!) played on our site," said Daniel in a statement.
"No account closure is made without hard, statistical evidence as well as a rigorous manual review. The Chess.com Fair Play Team consists of chess experts (including multiple titled players) and engineers who specialize in algorithms used to detect "anomalies" and "patterns" of non-human influence.
"Our systems have been thoroughly vetted by mathematicians and experts in the fields of data science, and audits have shown that Chess.com makes its decisions conservatively, and with the confidence that an account (once closed) is statistically certain to have violated the rules.
"No account closure brings us joy, but we remain committed and work hard to ensure that all chess games are played fairly on Chess.com, and we will continue to invest heavily in our team and systems to ensure the safety and happiness of our users," he mentioned.

Kamath defeated Anand in a COVID-19 relief charity match. However, since he manipulated the game to register a win his account was banned.
The All India Chess Federation (AICF) Secretary Bharat Chauhan has said it is "unfortunate" to see unfair methods employed in a charity chess game. The AICF secretary termed it as a "bad" move by Kamath and said it shouldn't have happened.
"It is very unfortunate it was a charity match. We don't expect anybody to get help from computers. At the national and state level we are following the protocols. We are putting cameras where players are playing and there is a fair play committee which includes three grandmasters and two players," Bharat told ANI.
"All things are completely followed but in this kind of charity match we didn't expect anybody to do this. It is very unfortunate such things have happened. He is not a player and he has apologised in public. He is not a regular player or our member, we don't have jurisdiction, he was doing it for charity he shouldn't have done. This is really bad. For the noble cause, we are helping people and such things shouldn't happen," Bharat added.
After reports came to the light, claiming that Kamath had been banned, he too revealed that he took help from some people and computers to analyse the game. He also apologised for his "silly" behaviour. (ANI)