Hamilton says he'll never partner with Alonso again

ANI | Updated: Dec 05, 2017 19:02 IST

Johannesburg [South Africa], December 5 (ANI): Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has said that he will never partner with McLaren driver Fernando Alonso as the two are like north poles of a magnet that create `negative energy`.

The German driver's first season in Formula One in 2007 saw him drive alongside the then defending champion Alonso at McLaren.

However, the two talented drivers fell out quickly when Alonso left the team just a year after joining Renault, following a series of incidents between the team-mates.

When asked if he would consider partnering with Alonso in future, Hamilton ruled out the same and said that this is never going to happen as they are like north poles of magnet which repel each other.

"No. That will not happen. Toto [Wolff, Mercedes team boss] understands how the interpersonal dynamics of a team works," Sport24 quoted the Mercedes driver, as saying.

"I would compare it to a magnet: when two north poles meet, they repel each other. You need a north and a south pole. Two of the same results in negative energy, as in 2007 between me and Alonso," he added.

With just a year left with his current team Mercedes, Hamilton has been linked with a return to the Italian team, where Alonso has recently signed a new long-term extension before he takes retirement.(ANI)