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Indian gymnasts hope to win medals at World Military Games

Ravi Jalhotra | Updated: Oct 22, 2019 11:00 IST

By Ravi Jalhotra
Wuhan [China], Oct 22 (ANI): Indian gymnasts are hoping to win medals for the country at the ongoing World Military Games.
Yogeshwar Singh, Indian gymnast said that in the subdivision result qualification of artistic gymnastics final round Brazil scored 324.857 while India got 281.659 points, this wasn't as expected but the overall score was quite good. Most of the gymnasts have qualified and the team will definitely qualify as well.
Talking to ANI Singh said: "There has been a lot of improvement in the infrastructure which has benefited us tremendously. But the need of the time is sports science, so that we can do better in gymnastics. As far as infrastructure is concerned it matches international levels."
He was hopeful that the team would qualify for the final and get a medal.
"We got good exposure ahead of Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. We have competed against better teams. We will win medals in upcoming events. The future of gymnastics is bright," he added.
Earlier on in the Military Games, Indian boxers won four medals.
India is participating in nine sporting events in the competition. (ANI)