Live on air: Football pundit had a great fall

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2017 19:09 IST

London [UK], Nov 6 (ANI): Radio presenter Vasily Utkin recently ended up on floor after his chair collapsed under his weight.

This happened while he was talking live on Russia's Sports FM when he leaned too far back on his chair.

Utkin, who was on the floor for a minute before a co-worker helped him get up, later joked he had broken approximately 15 chairs since his school days.

"This is the first time live on air. All these tricks are done by professionals, do not try repeating them at home without adult supervision," he added, as reported by The Mirror.

A viral video on social media shows how the football pundit ended up on his backside while discussing the form of FC Lokomotiv Moscow. (ANI)