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Achanta Sharath Kamal (file image)
Achanta Sharath Kamal (file image)

Sharath Kamal recalls Olympics battle with Ma Long to highlight mind training

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2022 16:47 IST

New Delhi [India], July 1 (ANI): Table tennis star A Sharath Kamal underlined the importance of the camp for the National team in Porto, Portugal, as part of the preparations for the coming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.
The CWG gold medallist was speaking to the media during an interaction facilitated by the Sports Authority of India.
"This exposure trip, funded by Government, would be the testing ground for what we have been preparing for and evaluating our position (before Birmingham2022) and I believe it would be the best setup for the Commonwealth Games," said Sharath Kamal.
"We have come to the final phase of preparation and thus we would be having a lot of training and match practice with the Portuguese team. Following that we will be going for a WTT event in Budapest, Hungary before we head to the CWG," he added.

Sharath Kamal, who has been part of the Indian national team for two decades now, also said mental training and conditioning, just like physical training and conditioning is a daily process.
"It (mental conditioning) has to be done in every session. There are techniques that our mental conditioning coach teaches us that we follow pre-session, during the session, and post-session," he said.
Sharath gave the example of his Tokyo Olympics third-round battle with Chinese legend Ma Long. "If you look at that match, you will see that there was nothing technical, it was just the fact that I was standing up for that fight and not giving up."
"It was intended that everyone was talking about. That doesn't come overnight. There is a particular way you train in each of your sessions and that helps you. All this is a very essential part of mental preparation," said Sharath.
Sharath, who so far has eight Commonwealth Games medals (four Gold, one Silver and one Bronze) in his trophy cabinet, would again lead the Indian squad at CWG this month and aiming to add to that collection. (ANI)