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Ultimate Kho Kho team Telugu Yoddhas captain Prajwal KH
Ultimate Kho Kho team Telugu Yoddhas captain Prajwal KH

Telugu Yoddhas to face Chennai Quick Guns in Ultimate Kho Kho's Southern derby in opener

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2022 20:07 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], August 13 (ANI): Telugu Yoddhas will begin their campaign in the Inaugural season of Ultimate Kho Kho against Chennai-based Chennai Quick Guns on Sunday. Telugu Yoddhas who represent the Telugu-speaking region of India will be playing the second match on the opening day of the inaugural season.
The game which can be safely called the southern derby, as two teams representing two prominent regions of Southern India - Telugu speaking region & Tamil speaking regions respectively, come face to face for the first time ever on the opening day of the first season of Ultimate Kho-Kho League.
Led by software engineer and Indian Player Prajwal KH, Telugu Yoddhas are expected to start their season with some prominent Indian Kho Kho players which include the team's vice-captain, Pratik Waikar and Bojjam Ranjith who were members of the Indian Team that won Gold in SAFF Games 2016. The team also includes Indian players P. Hemachandran, Arun S.A and Aditya Das.

The Telugu Yoddhas squad comprises a perfect balance of youth and experience. Khelo India Youth Games medal winners Arun Ashok Gunki, Adarsh Dattaray Mohite, Avdut Bharat Patil, Rohan Tanaji Shingade and Dhanush K.C provide the energy of the younger lot in the team. The team also consists of Deepak V Madhav and Prasad Radye from Railways who are the current National Champions. This mix of players will be hoping to perform well for the Yodhas in the first season of the Ultimate Kho Kho league.
Mahesh Shinde, Rajvardhan Patil, M Vignesh and Ramji Kashyap in the Chennai Quick Guns squad will be the players to be looked out for. The match is expected to be full of the actioned pack as it will be played on the opening day of the inaugural season of UKK Kho Kho is a popular sport in the southern region of the country, and the fans of both the teams are expected to enjoy this close encounter between two teams representing the Telugu & Tamil speaking regions.
Before going into the first encounter, Sumit Bhatia, Head Coach, Telugu Yoddhas, said, "We were eagerly waiting for this day and we are happy that the day is finally here. We have a good team composition that can turn the tides of a match in our favour any day. Our pre-season training has been good and now all we are waiting for is to hit the ground. The opening encounter against Chennai Quick Guns will set the course for the rest of the tournament for us and we as a team are confident of performing well in our opening game." (ANI)