Captain Sumit Yadav (right) at World Police and Fire Games event
Captain Sumit Yadav (right) at World Police and Fire Games event

World Police and Fire Games: Captain Sumit Yadav to lead Asian police group

By Priya Nagi (ANI) | Updated: Jun 15, 2019 16:04 IST

New Delhi [India], Jun 15 (ANI): The World Police and Fire Games are scheduled to be held in Chengdu in China, beginning August 8, and leading the Asian Police group at the 18th edition will be Gurugram-based Captain Sumit Yadav.
The 29-year-old has been appointed as the Director to President Office for Asian Police Sports Council. His office will be in Doha, Qatar for the next four years. Sumit holds an FAA Commercial License, which he procured in 2010. He also obtained a Canadian license in 2013. After obtaining the licenses from respective countries, he started attending youth assemblies and joined various foundations.
"I used to attend youth assemblies at the United Nations and worked with NGOs all around the US. Then I joined some foundations with that I formed a circle, met people around the globe before returning home to join my father's business," Sumit told ANI.
"Here I engaged in social work but again started attending youth assemblies. Through that, I met senior police officials of Interpol, the US police, World Police Games President Larry Collins, and Qatar police chief Brigadier General Al Khalif Khalifa," he continued.
The Qatar police chief offered him to join the World Police Games. Sumit immediately informed that he does not belong to any police force and his appointment may cause a problem. However, Khalifa assured him there will not be any and conducted meetings wherein Sumit got the maximum votes.
"They were discussing the World Police Games and saw I am a suitable person as I am connected with the world, including Sports Minister of Switzerland and organisations like UEFA and the Olympic committee. He asked me to join but I immediately told him that I am not a police officer and some issues may arise. But he assured me there won't be any and said he can appoint me as he is the President of Asian Police Sports Council," Sumit said.
Lt Gen Shaikh Ahmed Nawab al-Ahmed Saba (Kuwait Police), President of International Police Sports Council Sandro Darr (Netherlands Police), Secretary of International Police Sports Council Brig Hussain Kaswi (Lebanese Police), Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Interpol Nepal, Interpol Myanmar, along with Colonel Sameer Baqir (Jordan Police), Shoaib Asahladin (Tajikistan Police), Brig Mohammed El Dehru (UAE Police) and the Director General of Police of all other Asian countries gave their support to Sumit.
"He (Khalifa) conducted voting with different police chiefs around the world. My name came on top and they appointed me as the Director to President Office. Khalifa said he is appointing me as he can neither travel nor take care of all the things. Last month he sent me to China to do an investigation and check the arrangements. He gave me the responsibility to coordinate with all the Asian countries and their participants (police athletes)," he added.
Pakistan initially opposed to Sumit's appointment during the voting. After realising that Khalifa had put his weight behind Sumit, Pakistan surrendered and came in support of the Indian.
"Pakistan thought an Indian young guy that too who is not a police officer might create problems for them and their athletes. They raised issues on my appointment but Al Khalif Khalifa supported me and questioned them -- if everyone is supporting then why they don't? Khalifa further asked them if they don't want to become part of the Asian pole then they can directly coordinate with China. Later Pakistan agreed," Sumit said while explaining Pakistan's resistance.
Chengdu, the host city which will run the event till August 18, will witness national medalist of the police department of all the countries competing in more than 50 sports. Sumit met Chengdu police to oversee the ongoing arrangements by the hosts.
"China police is not connected with all Asian police. There are 50 games but the distance between say two stadiums is 15 miles. We discussed accommodation, transportation, and connectivity of stadiums. Transportation has been made free of cost for participants. My duty is to coordinate with police chiefs of all the countries and their sports board. They will give me a list of participants and then I will make sure the arrangements, participation and team loggings," Sumit said.
Sumit is a member of the Department of Official Language, Home Ministry and FAF United Nations Youth Assembly, respectively. He has given an address at the UN and once in Geneva.
The event takes place every two years. When asked the significance of the tournament and why do police participate, Sumit said there is no platform for them to compete and the World Police and Fire Games provide a chance to share working of different police and enhance friendship.
"There are several sportspersons in the police but there is no platform for them to participate in games like Commonwealth or Olympics as they work under government organisations. This event is a good platform as it creates unity among police officials. They share views and working of their respective police. It is a kind of promotion of get-together and friendship. Also, retired policemen can participate, be it CISF, BSF, other police. One should belong to a force that's it," he said.
Asian Police Sports Council is planning to host boxing and judo event in India. Sumit acknowledged, saying, "It will be hosted in India but nothing has been fixed as of now. Things are under pipeline as we are planning and searching for sponsors." (ANI)