3-on-3 basketball likely to be added to Tokyo Olympics official program

| Updated: Jun 03, 2017 18:18 IST

London [UK], June 3 (ANI): If things go right, 3-on-3 basketball could list in the official program for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Three-a-side basketball is actually an internationally recognized game that is overseen by FIBA, the sport's governing body. Officially known as 3×3 basketball, it has its own world cup that tips off in Nantes, France, on June 17 of this year. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board next week will finalise a full list of 2020 Tokyo Olympics medal events. And among more than 60 proposals, 3-on-3 basketball is an expected favorite after all were analyzed by an IOC advisory panel. A board meeting in Lausanne on Friday will decide about the same. The meeting has been called at short notice to discuss awarding the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games hosting rights to Los Angeles and Paris at the same time later this year. "Now that we have an (executive board) meeting on June 9 it makes sense to use this opportunity," the Guardian quoted the IOC as saying. "In addition, an early decision is clearly beneficial to all the parties involved," it added. The half-court basketball format once seemed set for the 2016 Olympics. However, its bid for inclusion was curbed when organizers in Rio de Janeiro were stretched preparing for just the regular program. Now, the FIBA believes that men's and women's tournaments in 3-on-3 are even better suited for the Tokyo Games after skateboarding and sport climbing were added to the list last year. "Now there is an urban cluster that has been created," Fiba Secretary General Patrick Baumann had said. "The best urban team sport is 3-on-3 street basketball. It would certainly be a perfect fit." Adding 3-on-3 tournaments should add 96 athletes to basketball's quota for the Tokyo Olympics, a key test for the proposals next week. The IOC has ideally capped to include no more than 10,500 athletes in the Summer Games. (ANI)