Nakamura Brace behind the success of Japanese Paralympics Swimmer at Rio

| Updated: Oct 13, 2016 18:41 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Oct.13 (ANI): Mei Ichinose, a swimmer who represented Japan at Rio Paralympics, achieved sixth place and also set a new Japanese record time. This marks the biggest achievement so far in her swimming career. Her success was greatly aided by Nakamura Brace, a Japanese company that specializes in prosthetics and orthotics. Ichinose (19) is currently a student at Kindai University. She was born missing part of her right hand, and swimming has provided her with encouragement and strength throughout her life. When she was only 13 she participated in the free style 50 meters at the Asian Para Games and won a silver medal. After entering Kindai University, she has devoted herself to her swimming. In order to aid with her training she ordered a prosthetic arm from Nakamura Brace. The company is located in Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, and aids disabled people from all over the world. Their prosthetic arms, legs and other body parts enable people who have lost a limb to still lead an active and social life. Due to the lack of the top of her right hand, Ichinose's biggest challenge was to strengthen her right arm. Nakamura Brace produced a prosthetic to help with this. It enabled her to pull herself up on her own and also perform other exercises. As a result, her shoulder and upper arm became stronger. Of course, she cannot use the prosthetic when actually swimming in competition, but her success at the Rio Paralympics was a direct result of the benefits of her newly trained arm. Ichinose will be 23 at the time of the Tokyo Paralympics. Aiming for a gold medal, she intends to continue her training, supported by her prosthetic from Nakamura Brace. (ANI)