PT Usha bats for hard work, says training alone can't win medal

| Updated: May 11, 2017 03:43 IST

New Delhi [India], May 10 (ANI): Legendary athlete PT Usha has said that in order to bag the Olympic medal, one should get involved in hard work and training, adding that proper exposure is also required. "To get the Olympic medal, we have to now support grass root level. They should get correct exposure. The seniors need more competitions outside the country. The training alone can't win the medal. But with training, you need more exposure. If they get exposure, it will get result also," Usha told ANI. Asserting that there is more facility now compared to her time, the former sprint queen said if the athletes have qualities, they should do hard work. "I was very dedicated to do sports. That is why I could do well. May be first time it is not possible to win the race but they should not be disheartened. They should try again and again and they will be the successor one day. Compared to our time, a lot of facilities are there. Make best use of that and do best for the country," she added. Expressing sadness over the fact that although India is at number three position globally, still it does not get any medal, Usha said the athletes should have confidence first. "We have good talents here. In our time, the athletes were very dedicated but there were very less facilities. Now compared to our time, facilities improved but a little more dedication is needed. They should not wait for the facilities. Hard work is very important. If they think they want to achieve, they should be focused and do hard work and they will be able to get the medal," she added. (ANI)