Ultimate Table Tennis will benefit the sport in India: Wong Chun Ting

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai [India], June 14 (ANI): Wong Chun Ting, the World No.7 and a bronze medalist at the recently- concluded World Championship in Dusseldorf, believes that the upcoming Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) will benefit the sport in India. Speaking about the inaugural edition of the UTT where he will turn up for the Maharashtra United, Wong Chun Ting said, "The Professional league will attract and bring world class players to India. This will benefit the sport of table tennis in India. I believe it will bring advanced training methods and other technical aspects too which will benefit Indian players in the long run." Wong Chun Ting, a stylish paddler known for his penhold grip, has earlier been part of Professional Leagues in China and Poland. He will team up with Harmeet Desai, Ronit Bhanja, Joao Monteiro, Krittwika Sinha Roy, Pooja Sahasrabudhe, Liu Jia and Fu Yu in the Maharashtra United squad. He will be visiting India for the very first time. "I am very excited about my first trip to India for the Ultimate Table Tennis. I expect there will be top-class competitions with many top players from other countries," stated Wong Chun Ting, who lives in Hong Kong. He is the highest ranked player at the inaugural Ultimate Table Tennis scheduled to begin on July 13 in Chennai. Wong Chun Ting took to competitive training in table tennis only at the age of 12. Until then, playing Table Tennis was a fun activity he indulged with his elder brother and father. "Joining the Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy was a critical point of my career in table tennis. Even though it was tough as I had to travel a long way to the training centre after school, I was really looking forward to each session of training," said the paddler who took up TT as a full-time career after completing his secondary school at the age of 18. While he completed ninth in the men's singles at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, the Hong Kong player has had a memorable start in 2017. He won the mixed doubles Bronze along with his compatriot Doo Hoi Kem at the World Championship which he calls, 'a highlight of his career'. "This experience has an amply impact to my career in table tennis. This year my target is to get a place at the World Tour Grand Finals in December. I want to advance my world ranking further," said an optimistic Ting. (ANI)